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Tonette Ingram |  LCSW



Tonette is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Illinois and also holds a license as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She attended  Aurora University and graduated with her Master degree in Social Work in 2014. Tonette began her career working with incarcerated juvenile males, in the substance use field. Since then, she primarily worked with adolescent clients struggling with substance abuse. Tonette also has experience working with the adult population, mainly focusing in the substance abuse and sexual assault/domestic violence fields. In addition, Tonette worked in both community and residential settings throughout her career.

Tonette has a passion for working with clients who are ready to take their lives to the next step. She believes that everyone has the ability to transform their lives in a way that will serve them and help them grow as individuals. Tonette enjoys applying her skills and knowledge to aid clients in this process. Whether you are a teen, emerging adult or adult, she strives to be your problem solving partner on this journey. The notion of “beyond repair” is not something that she subscribes to and in fact, believes that everyone has resiliency and strengths that just need to be brought to the forefront. There are many reasons people seek out therapy and whatever your reason why is, Tonette will aid you in this process.

Tonette works with each client using a client-centered approach and is a problem solving partner with them. Using a mixture of cognitive behavioral, solution focused, and task centered therapies, she will help you be the best version of yourself. She believes that the key to the client-therapist relationship is the ability to meet the client where they are and build from there.

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