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Our History

R&B Counseling is a dynamic psychoanalytic practice that is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for refugees and minorities in the western suburbs of Chicago. Our team is composed of minority professionals, many of whom are immigrants themselves or the adult children of immigrants, and who come from ethnic and/or religious minorities.

At the heart of our vision is Nipaphone “Laura” Robertson, our business coach and a refugee from Laos. Laura is also the author of "Forty Dollars and a Dream" where she shares her refugee story and struggles of being a refugee in America. Through her work and passion for serving the refugee community, she has helped to shape R&B Counseling's mission and vision. Her commitment to helping others heal from the trauma of displacement and persecution is what drives us forward.


Our mission is to promote transcultural healthcare and provide culturally competent mental health services to oppressed communities. Transcultural care addresses the unique challenges faced by minority groups by considering the cultural, historical, and linguistic background of each client, and providing care that is tailored to their individual needs. This approach recognizes the role that systemic inequalities play in shaping the experiences and mental health of minority groups, and seeks to address these inequalities through advocacy and support.

When individuals are able to address and heal from trauma, they are better able to cope with and manage stress, build stronger relationships, and lead fulfilling lives. An improved mental state can lead to better overall health, greater resilience, and increased productivity. At the community level, addressing intergenerational trauma can foster greater understanding and empathy, reduce conflict and violence, and promote social and economic stability. At the national level, healing intergenerational trauma has the potential to contribute to greater equality, social justice, and a more harmonious society. Through our work, we aim to raise awareness of the unique challenges faced by BIPOC and refugee communities and to advocate for their rights and needs. Our ultimate goal is to be a trusted partner in their journey toward mental wellness and happiness.


We envision a world where people from minority groups are able to heal from the emotional scars inflicted by systemic discrimination, poverty, unjust persecution, and marginalization. Healing from intergenerational trauma is a crucial step toward realizing individual and collective wellness and happiness. We understand that this healing process may be long and difficult, but with a helping hand, it will be easier to reclaim our sense of self and live fulfilling lives.



We recognize that some communities need more help than others to achieve the same outcomes. 


We acknowledge the struggles and persecution of the black community and stand in solidarity with the "Black Lives Matter" movement


We support the LGBTQ + community and acknowledge the daily discrimination, mental pressure, and abuse.


We know that rehabilitation and recovery is possible for everyone regardless of their history. 


No one should be defined by their worst moment or live in service to that pain. 


We celebrate our differences and embrace the positive impact those differences create. 

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