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Dr. Darlene Mezidor

Doctor of Medicine


I graduated with an MBA degree with a concentration in Public Health.  As a graduate of medical school and an experienced mental health professional, I have extensive experience working with children experiencing emotional or behavioral issues, psychological conditions, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADD), intellectual disabilities, and developmental concerns. My clinical interests lie in working with those affected by chronic medical issues, mental illness, or disabilities in their family system.

I use a client-centered approach to collaboratively design and guide the therapeutic experience. Highly driven by sincerity and humor, I strive to create a climate that is safe, supportive, and culturally inclusive for all to pursue change. I encourage clients to unapologetically embrace their unique journeys while simultaneously striving to evolve into healthier and more fulfilled versions of themselves. Therapy will be treated as an individualized experience in an empathetic, genuine, and non-judgmental manner.

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